Sunday, August 14, 2011

in the playroom today

in the playroom today
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i like this space in our house -- it's a room with lots of uses, from entry (our side door opens right into it) through playspace for teddy, our six year old, to hang out space for tv watchers and storage place for soccer bags and cleats and backpacks and gloves and goggles and even games; it's also a space full of repurposed things, from a fixed-up-with-old-quilts sofa, to a vintage breadbox with wheels used to store hot wheels to an assortment of estate sale art, to a set of old lockers stuffed with kids' stuff (sprayed a fresh blue at the auto body shop), to a tree stump (from our yard) turned side table, to an antique, very primitive cupboard piled high with games and decorated with this month's postalpix .... just perfect.

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