Sunday, July 24, 2011

in the playroom

in the playroom
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this sofa's slipcovers have been washed a million times (henry and fergus, our dogs, like to lie across the pillows waiting for people to walk up the stairs behind pillows; plus, people who shall remain nameless sit here wearing mud encrusted cleats and soccer kit .... anyway ..) and rips and holes were starting to appear .. all of this meant time for a sofa revitalization project. so i got some of those recycled indian sari quilts that are pretty much everywhere right now, as well as some pillow covers, and i took off all the too-stuffed original down back pillows, then wrapped the cushions in some bigger quilts, et voila! newly fun sofa! (the longest & most tiresome part of the project was vacuuming under the cushions - yuck).

here's hoping the next project you dream up is just as easy ...

x lynn-anne

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