Saturday, July 23, 2011

in june, and july

in june, and july
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i thought i'd resurrect a fun little thing i've done in the past, where i make a bighugelabs mosaic captioned, for example, "at home in june". so i started trolling through my flickr uploads from june, and although i found lots of "at home" shots, very few of them were of my home (they were mostly the homes of clients that i store, marked private, on flickr so that i can easily access them from any device) ... and in fact, most of the shots were of anywhere but home ... i guess we haven't been here much this summer. we've been at the lake, visiting museums, zoos, and all manner of odd places, having a birthday camp out, going to auctions and estate sales, shopping the Atlanta market and stocking our shop.... busy days indeed, and probably the best way to spend this rather fleeting summertime. i hope yours is just as full of fun and love and silliness ~

x lynn-anne

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