Sunday, February 6, 2011

The week that was: savannah, shop, and sweets

The week that was: Savannah, shop, and sweets
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so last week, i was: in savannah (not really the sleepy southern town you'd think it is); checking out new artists at the SCAD (savannah college of art and design) shop -always tres cool-, snabbing a daisy-laden 1960 tv tray table for caroline's room (from a friend -she had 2!), styling my newly relaunched and much larger shop, fergus&me @post&gray (too too many ampersands, i think!), making off with some most excellent mid-century tuffets at a slightly country auction, and thinking, just a little, about valentine's day ... oh, and there was lots of soccer, too (eleven games since last saturday!) and two championships - yay for my boy alec and his team .....

i hope yours days were as busy and as happy and as full of life & love,

have a happy week~


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