Thursday, February 17, 2011

spring is here ... possibly...

Our #pussywillow is blooming ! #faux #spring but still pretty
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trader joe's had these irresistibly fuzzy pussy willow plants last week, and sure enough, teddy and i just couldn't resist. after a week of gently rubbing the fuzzy buds against his cheek, he was shocked this morning to find that the buds had burst into a semblance of flower... so we talked about spring, and he gets it, but he'd still rather have the fuzzy buds....

oh, and if you have an iphone, and don't have the (free!) instagram app --i used it here-- you should go get it right away. it's got lots of lovely filters and it's a fun way to see the work of very talented people from all around the world. if you get instagram, and you should, i'm at lakbdesign_fergusandme.

happy snapping,

x lynn-anne


  1. Will look into the app! We a pussy willow branch a few years ago, it rooted, and we planted it in a large planter. It is now a full grown tree. My twin girls call it the kitty tree (they're two) after they discovered the soft blooms a few weeks ago.

  2. that's so sweet ... i love the kitty tree!