Wednesday, November 25, 2009

sodastream, seventies thrift, redux

when i was little in scotland, we didn't have Coke or Fanta so much, or even Irn Bru ~ what we had was a soda stream, a magical contraption that would carbonate water, and then we could add sickly sweet syrups to our heart's content

ahh. . . . those were the days, the seventies.  funnily enough, though, i've recently been thinking about the soda stream as we've stopped buying cases of water in favor of the more earth friendly option of refilling bpa-free water bottles (makes a huge difference when there are six of you, even though we always recycled the disposable bottles -)

And i happen to love carbonated beverages, especially ones with just a little bit of flavor.  And since we don't live within range of a cool old-timey seltzer delivery service, we've been pretty much stuck with buying the occasional bottle of pellegrino at the store.  but no more! the soda stream is an ideal solution, and it will be going on my christmas list, for sure!

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