Friday, November 20, 2009

new bags from johnnie boden

found in today's otherwise boring inbox:  a spring preview at 20% off from johnnie boden (here's the catch ~ order now, get in january . . . i'm guessing this is an inventory control effort . . . but, whatever).  so, i went to the site and i was busily checking out the usual extremely cute but highly predictable little boys' shirts in various iterations, you know, t-shirt with dog on skateboard, t-shirt with friendly monster appliqued on, layered t-shirt with pteranodon, etc., etc. (i buy a bunch for teddy every season; they ARE fun, impossible to destroy, comfy, and BRITISH, and, maybe more to the point, are eminently resellable on eBay -- our oldest boy becomes VERY entrepreneurial when he runs low on cash!) when i found my mouse wandering on over to the girls' and women's offerings.  always dangerous, i know! so, anyway, i'll be placing my order for the usual stuff, but i found myself v. v. tempted by a few gorgeous bags  . . . the sad part is, not available till january.  ah well, they'll be a welcome bright spot in the grey days after the holidays, no?!

from miniboden, and only $24


completely adorable, could see this as a decor piece, even . . . one track mind, i guess!


possibly an impractical "shopper", but WOW!


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