Wednesday, March 11, 2009

our fergusandme bricksandsticks store, for spring

a peak at fergusandme at Blacklion for spring . . .
we have gone a bit crazy with the waste not paper letterpress flowers and butterflies, but it is quite festive! This is an example of our usual trick of applying high quality individual sheet type wrap to walls with wallpaper paste, or dare I admit it, staples (as here). Only use staples if you're not too neurotic and you're just using the paper under a chair rail or to add pattern behind a big furniture piece, or like, here, you'll change it in a month, anyway! This is a riot of spring, and since we did it, our snowy north carolina March has given way to a more "normal" sunny north carolina March. . .
P.S. a big, crazy pattern like this generally means that worrying about the repeat is something you need not do! Hurray!

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  1. Beautiful! I saw some great paper in paperchase yesterday and instantly thought of you...most inspired (especially the staples!) xxx