Saturday, January 31, 2009

the power of paint -- love it!

Is brown wood getting you down? A can of paint can revolutionize a boring old piece of furniture, and reinvigorate your room at the same time! 
Check out this project, which was for a girl's room. We needed cheap, fun storage, and fast: first stop, a local consignment shop where we picked up this leggy but unlovely Queen Anne cabinet. (Don't use a piece with this much glass unless your child is old enough.) Next stop, the hardware store for a quart of Benjamin Moore's Metal and Wood Enamel, tinted in an excellent, bright color (although this product is amazing in black, comes ready mixed, and covers virtually any wood in one coat, with pretty much no prep work -- almost instant gratification, perfect for people who don't like to hang around . . .) Next, a quick wipedown and clean out, and then, a couple of coats of paint (take the shelves out -- it's easier!).  We added some Paperchase wrapping paper (available in the U.S. at Borders) pasted to the interior rear of the piece for a pop of even brighter color, and that's it! A light, bright, unique, and cheap stuff stash for a sweet, sweet girl.  This is an easy project, and the results can be amazing -- just be sure the piece you plan to paint doesn't have serious value before you break out the paint pots and brushes. 

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