Sunday, January 18, 2009

let spring sprout in your house

It's that time of year.  Your garden is grey and bare, and your previously perfect garden pots sit outside filled with clumps of dirt and a few remnants of last summer's geraniums.  And what's more, you've got the January blahs, and your mood's a little grey, too.  It's time to put some spring in your step with a pretty indoor bulb garden!  Just haul one of those empty pots inside, and get started! 
First, make sure you've put your pot in a place where any condensation or moisture won't harm your floor.  I like to use a clay saucer, and put the pot on the hearth: much better for the environment than a wood burning fire!  Next, put an ordinary bucket inside, and fill the bottom and the sides with pea gravel.  Add some potting soil, your choice of bulbs (I even save last year's crop of grocery-store-bought potted tulips, hyacinths, and daffodils for this purpose), and some reindeer moss on top.  Water liberally, and in a week or so you'll start to see the shoots popping up.  Such a great project for kids; our preschooler was thrilled to see the first sprouts, and even more excited by the first flower!  And it keeps going!  If you plant a variety of bulbs, they'll grow at different rates, and you'll have a charming display for a month or more! Super fun, and not so expensive. BTW, I bought big paper bags of narcissus bulbs perfect for this project today at Smith & Hawken, on sale for 2.99!

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