Wednesday, June 8, 2011

these moments: that priceless summertime backyard discovery

First blueberry harvest that the wild bunnies didn't eat - he can't wait! nothing tastes sweeter than berries you grew all by yourself ;)
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..yesterday, we found the very first blueberries that we've gotten to before our sweet wild bunnies nibbled them all to bits. teddy was thrilled, promptly gobbled them (all three!), and pronounced them delicious. hooray for summertime, and blueberries. here's hoping we get some more before the bunnies do ~ !

x lynn-anne


  1. I love the look on Teddy's face! This reminds me of my childhood. My parents had blueberry and raspberry bushes. Picking them (and eating them) was a lot of fun! ~Val

  2. thanks, val! ... happy childhood memories are the best :) x lynn-anne