Wednesday, January 5, 2011

a bright and shiny january; or, deco deconstructing and reconstructing.

yesterday, i was on a mission to find a little peace in my home after all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, so i did a little decorative deconstructing and reconstructing and came up with .... this!

who says orange is only for october?! .... more deconstruction and reconstruction to come ~

i'm working on making this a bright and shiny january - i hope you are, too.

x lynn-anne


  1. Ooooo. I need to take a lesson from you in color choices - what you've picked for wall and furniture seems to go with everything -- even orange. Do you have rugs that you switch out?

  2. thanks, camille! i do have lots of rugs, and like everything, i switch them around a lot. we have a puppy so it's been mostly bare hardwood around here for a while, but i just put the stripey one down. i've got a selection of old rugs from estate sales and consignment shops and i've got jute ones from the sale corner in west elm... and i use plain slipcovers as much as possible and move things around. and i have a bunch of wall colors that are tried and true! that helps! thanks for commenting! happy weekend! x lynn-anne

  3. Love your work! Cool white trees on the mantel too!

    I have always loved light blue and white and I agree a splash of orange goes so well. My bedroom walls are painted a very light blue and I have a collection of blue and orange women (I call them) paintings and prints showcased there.