Wednesday, July 21, 2010

thrifty fun for everyone i can drag along -

you've probably figured out by now that i am, along with any child of mine (or child's friend, or sibling, or my mum, or whomever else i can 'convince' or otherwise drag along) ALWAYS rummaging around everywhere i go for something(s) new/old, interesting, inspirational, cute, evocative, or otherwise not-to-be-passed-up.

this minor obsession generally results in great big piles of great stuff around our house.  i am, however, extremely lucky in that i have a shop to sell these goodies in, otherwise my family might just be calling the producers on that "help! i live with a hoarder!" show . . .

but seriously, how can people part with some of these things?  like, f'r instance, the cool pottery we've unearthed lately:

fun, huh?

you know how when you first notice something out there in the world, you think it must be very nearly unique, because it's so new to you?   well, that's how i felt about this tag sale mustard pot, which i bought for $1.  at home, i had my suspicions about its origins, and i did some quick internet sleuthing and discovered that it's in fact a 1972 scandia planter, by mccoy.  fair enough.  we're using it (temporarily) to hold bananas.

then, lo and behold, caroline and i were mooching about in a country antique mall last weekend, and we spotted the mustard planter's red vase cousin -- a bit pricey at $8, but we went for it anyway, and we're glad, as the two seem to be getting along quite nicely (see photo above) . . . and now, we're wondering what will show up next, as everyone knows good things come in threes -- at least, we hope so --

why don't you give it a try?  maybe you'll find the third cool pot -


  1. Half of the fun of vintage comes in finding it. I hope you find the third.