Sunday, June 13, 2010

peace cranes . . .

you may know that caroline has become so good at making peace cranes, now that she's made hundreds of them, that she can make them without looking down . . . and we've had a few requests, so we've added  a couple of her new mobiles to our etsy shop,  They are very sweet!  we actually made a seventy crane mobile for caroline's grandma's birthday -- it was beautiful.  take a look ~

and here are a few more photos of the new crane mobiles ~

lovely, aren't they? the tradition is that if you make a thousand of them, you will have a wish granted ~


  1. 1,000 you say? Hmmmm.... Perhaps I should get started then. Soon.

    I saw your home tour on AT, and I just wanted to write you a quick note to say: lovely work..! And also: we're practically neighbors. (Well, not quite. But in this country of prodigious highways, we might as well be.)


  2. I just ordered a kokeshi doll from Japan and she came with a little pink peace crane. Love them!

  3. thanks, maria and april. i need to make 1000 myself - :-)