Monday, February 16, 2009

cool new use for grimy old letter holder

Got young kids and lots of paperback picture books, all over the place? You know how difficult it is for little ones to look at those teeny tiny spines and figure out where their favorites are on the shelf.  Solution, at least for the current ten or twelve favorite reads; redo an old office supply staple, a super quick project that costs practically nothing.  
You've seen them at estate sales and junk shops -- those old metal racks for letters or files.  Mostly, they run about $2, and feature no attractive features.  Our advice: a quick spray paint job (we're advised NOT to use metallic paint where small children are concerned, and, as always, do this outside and real all labels and cautions!) We just happened to have a can of hot pink around, but despite the color, our little boy loves this method of storage -- he's keeping his favorites in here, at least for now.  If you can get your hands on a toast rack, that would be even more fun!

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